How it all got started.

Father’s Day, 2012. I’m invited to my friend Eric’s house for a Father’s Day BBQ. Every family brought a dish. I brought my spicy dry rubbed wings with a sweet standard northeast BBQ sauce to finish on his grill. The party was lots of fun and the food was outstanding. I got to taste 1 or 2 of my wings. As I was taking them off the grill they were being swarmed by a bunch of kids that couldn't get enough of them. Eric said we should market these. Yea, the last thing I want is to be in the food industry.

4th of July, 2012. BBQ at my house. Eric brings over some skirt steak that has been marinating since morning. We grill it up and cut it into chunks just to taste it and we were both very impressed. A few weeks later, Eric comes over and we start working on this recipe that originally came from his grandmother. We've got a large stainless mixing bowl, a whisk, my spice cabinet and fridge. After about 2 or 3 hours of playing around with different combinations, we came up with what was to become the basis of the Moonlight Marinades Sweet 'n' Savory recipe. Over the next few weeks we refined it and really nailed it down to a repeatable formula. Eric said we should market this. Yea, sure. I’ll get right on that.

In any case, we had a bunch of this stuff made up and we bought some cheap bottles and decided to start handing samples out to friends and neighbors along with some very specific instructions on the proper way to cook steak on a grill. We let everyone decide for themselves what cut of meat to use. In the following weeks we started getting reports back from some folks. The reactions weren't, “Hey, that was pretty good.” Or, “It was good, but could use a bit more XYZ.”

On the contrary. The reactions that we received were so impassioned that we knew we were on to something special. We were getting stories about people stopping in their tracks as they walked through a kitchen and grabbed a freshly cut slice off the cutting board. People at dinner parties saying this was the best steak they have ever tasted. Every single sample that we sent out was getting the exact same level of response. Eric said we should market this. For the first time I started to agree.